This is a project I made just for fun about the tv show Daisy Jones & The Six , from Amazon Prime. Inspired by the book that carries the same name, the tv show tells the story of a rock band from the 70's since it's beginning, throughout the fame and finally their splitting.

Since I really like the story, and I'm such a fan of 70's rock bands and their aesthetics, I wanted to recreate the band’s identity.

To start the project, I did a long research on lettering styles, posters and rock band logos from that period of time. 

After that, I began to sketch trying to find a logo that evokes the essence of a rock band from the 70's. Below, you can see the studies inspired by my moodboard.

Now this is the one I chose to move forward with. I like the way the letters are intertwined and I thought it would be a good composition to use in posters and merchandise materials, since I found a vertical version with a good legibility without it losing it's style. 

I made a lot of versions until I could find one in which every single letter fit perfectly.
For me, it was important to create versions that I could explore the band members image, the tour information and  the lettering alone.

Designed by, 2023.

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