Lettering • Ilustration • Packaging • Branding • Verbal design 
Rebranding • Design Strategy 

Hi, my name is Matheus Mendes. I hold a degree in Advertising from Metodista do Sul in Porto Alegre, with a specialization in Type Design from EINA - Centre de Art y Disseny in Barcelona. This experience allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the realms of lettering and illustration. Currently, I reside in São Paulo, Brazil.
• 22 labels on Behance - You can see the projects here.
• Packaging Of The World - Doppio specialty coffee
• Logolounge Book 13  - Regência
• Logos Brasileiros - Case study for Oh Brüder Coffee Roasters
Prêmio Bornancini 2020 - Bronze for Mercado Brasco  
 Brasil Design Award 2020 -  Silver for La Birra w/ StudioBah 
 Brasil Design Award 2021  - Shortlist for Quintal da Carne

 Brasil Design Award 2023  - Shortlist for Bottega Maria

1 Hotels, Cutterman, Woodskull, Grendene, Dado Bier, Brahma, Hering, TAG Livros, Tramontina, Olympikus, Boticário, Nissan.
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